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Packages that use GameAccessor

Uses of GameAccessor in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model

Subinterfaces of GameAccessor in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model
 interface Game
          Interface for a Game object.

Classes in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model that implement GameAccessor
 class NullGameAccessor
          Null object implementation of GameAccessor.

Uses of GameAccessor in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model.seri

Classes in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model.seri that implement GameAccessor
 class SeriGame
          A Serializable implementation of Game.

Uses of GameAccessor in

Classes in that implement GameAccessor
 class GameData
          A snapshot of the Game.
 class Synchronizer
          Network synchronizer.

Uses of GameAccessor in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.view

Constructors in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.view with parameters of type GameAccessor
GameAnimator(GameAccessor gameAccessor, JComponent component, ClassLoader classLoader, String mediaDir, Color backgroundColor)
PathAnimator(GameAccessor gameAccessor, double tankRadius)
          Main constructor.

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