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Classes in that implement Request
 class AbstractRequest
          An abstract user request to the Server.
 class CoalesceableRequest
          A request that can be coalesced.
 class CreateModelRequest
          A request to create an avatar.
 class CreateUserRequest
          A request to create a User.
 class KillRequest
          A request to destroy an avatar.
 class MoveRequest
          A request to move an avatar.
 class PullRequest
          A request to pull messages down from the Server.
 class TalkRequest
          A request to talk.
 class ViewRequest
          A request to get a view of the world.

Uses of Request in

Methods in with parameters of type Request
 Object ViewServer.serve(User user, Request request)
 Object TalkServer.serve(User user, Request request)
 Object RequestServer.serve(User user, Request request)
 Object PullServer.serve(User user, Request request)
 Object MoveServer.serve(User user, Request request)
 Object CreateModelServer.serve(User user, Request request)

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