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Packages that use Tank

Uses of Tank in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model

Methods in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model that return Tank
 Tank World.createTank(double centerX, double centerY, Color color)
 Tank Game.getPlayerTank()
 Tank[] World.getTanks()
          Gets all active and inactive Tanks in the World.

Uses of Tank in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model.seri

Classes in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model.seri that implement Tank
 class SeriTank
          The default tank model implementation.

Methods in com.croftsoft.apps.mars.model.seri that return Tank
 Tank SeriWorld.createTank(double centerX, double centerY, Color color)
 Tank SeriGame.getPlayerTank()
 Tank[] SeriWorld.getTanks()

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