Package com.croftsoft.core.animation

Swing-based animation library.


Interface Summary
AnimationFactory Creates animation objects.
Clock Provides the current time in nanoseconds.
ComponentAnimator Animates a JComponent.
ComponentPainter An object that knows how and where to paint a graphical JComponent.
ComponentUpdater Updates the state of a JComponent and calls repaint() as required.
LoopGovernor Deprecated. Moved to package com.croftsoft.core.util.loop.
RepaintCollector Collects repaint requests.
Sprite A ComponentAnimator representing a moving object.

Class Summary
AnimatedApplet Animated applet.
AnimatedComponent Animated Swing component.
AnimationInit Animation initializer.
TimeApplet Example AnimatedApplet implementation.

Package com.croftsoft.core.animation Description

Swing-based animation library.

This package is documented in the book Advanced Java Game Programming.

For an older tutorial on using this package, please see Java Swing Sprite Animation.

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