Package com.croftsoft.core.animation.painter

ComponentPainter implementations for Swing-based animation.


Interface Summary
XYPainter A ComponentPainter with (x,y) coordinate accessor/mutator methods.

Class Summary
AbstractXYPainter Abstract XYPainter implementation of (x,y) accessor/mutator ops.
ArrayComponentPainter Makes a ComponentPainter array look like a single ComponentPainter.
CenterPainter Centers the image on the Component without scaling.
ColorPainter Fills an area of the JComponent with a Color.
IconPainter Paints an Icon at an (x,y) position.
NullComponentPainter Null object singleton implementation of ComponentPainter.
ScalePainter Scales the image to fit the entire Component.
SpacePainter Fills an area of the component with stars against black space.
StretchPainter Stretches the Image across the entire Component.
TilePainter Tiles the Icon across the Component.

Package com.croftsoft.core.animation.painter Description

ComponentPainter implementations for Swing-based animation.

For a tutorial on using this package, please see "Java Swing Sprite Animation".

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