Package com.croftsoft.core.animation.updater

ComponentUpdater implementations for Swing-based animation.


Class Summary
ArrayComponentUpdater Makes a ComponentUpdater array look like a single ComponentUpdater.
BounceUpdater Bounces a Sprite off the walls of a Rectangle.
EdgeScrollUpdater Scrolls the view when the mouse is on the edges.
FrameRateUpdater Samples and prints the frame rate.
IconSequenceUpdater Rotates through a sequence of Icons.
NullComponentUpdater Null object singleton implementation of ComponentUpdater.
TextWrapUpdater Slides text from one side to the other and then wraps back again.

Package com.croftsoft.core.animation.updater Description

ComponentUpdater implementations for Swing-based animation.

For a tutorial on using this package, please see "Java Swing Sprite Animation".

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