Uses of Interface

Packages that use QuatMut
com.croftsoft.core.math.axis Axis-angle (used in 3D graphics). 
com.croftsoft.core.math.quat Quaternions (used in 3D graphics). 

Uses of QuatMut in com.croftsoft.core.math.axis

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.math.axis that return QuatMut
 QuatMut AxisAngleImp.toQuat()
 QuatMut AxisAngle.toQuat()
static QuatMut AxisAngleLib.toQuat(AxisAngle axisAngle)

Uses of QuatMut in com.croftsoft.core.math.quat

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.math.quat that implement QuatMut
 class QuatImp
          Implementation of interface QuatMut.

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.math.quat that return QuatMut
static QuatMut QuatLib.fromEulerAngles(double degreesX, double degreesY, double degreesZ)
 QuatMut QuatImp.multiply(Quat quat)
 QuatMut Quat.multiply(Quat quat)
static QuatMut QuatLib.multiply(Quat quat0, Quat quat1)

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