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HhNeuronImp, ReliableSynapse, SnapChannel, TireNeuron

public interface Sim

A simulation object updated in separate access and mutate phases. Each loop of the simulation is started with an access (read) phase and then followed by a mutate (write) phase. During the access phase, simulation objects access the state of other simulation objects to determine how their state will change during the mutate phase. The state of simulation objects does not change during the access phase. During the mutate phase, the simulation objects change state. The state of simulation objects is not accessed by other simulation objects during the mutate phase. Dividing the state update into two phases ensures that the result of the update is not dependent on the order in which the simulation objects are updated. For this to hold, the access method of every simulation object must be called at the beginning of the simulation loop before the mutate method is called on any one of the simulation objects.

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 void access()
 void mutate()

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void access()


void mutate()

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