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com.croftsoft.core.text.sml Simplified Markup Language. 

Uses of SmlNode in com.croftsoft.core.text.sml

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.text.sml that return SmlNode
 SmlNode SmlNode.getChildNode(String childNodeName)
          Returns the first SmlNode child with the given name.
 SmlNode[] SmlNode.getChildNodes(String childNodeName)
          Returns all SmlNode children with the given name.
 SmlNode SmlNodeParseHandler.getSmlNode()
static SmlNode SmlNodeLib.load(String filename, boolean allowMixedChildren)
static SmlNode SmlNodeLib.parse(String smlString)
 SmlNode SmlNodeConvertible.toSmlNode()

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.text.sml with parameters of type SmlNode
static void filename, SmlNode smlNode)

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