Package com.croftsoft.core.util

Package java.util support and utility classes.


Interface Summary
ArrayKeeper Keeps an array.

Class Summary
ArrayLib Array manipulation for Java 1.1+.
ArrayLib2 Array manipulation for Java 1.2+.
ClassMapServer Maps requests to a delegate Server based upon the request Class.
HashtableLib Static method library to manipulate Hashtable objects.
Metronome Runs tasks periodically.
NullIterator A singleton null object Iterator implementation.
SetList A List that, like a Set, contains no duplicate Elements.
SoftHashMap A Map implementation that dumps its content when memory runs low.
StableArrayKeeper Optimized for reading from a stable array.
Stopwatch Used for timing events with millisecond precision.

Package com.croftsoft.core.util Description

Package java.util support and utility classes.

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