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David Wallace Croft

2011 Oct 17 Mon

CroftSoft SIEVE

CroftSoft SIEVE implements a Spike Interface Embodied Virtual Environment (SIEVE) in which all inputs to and outputs from a cognitive model are in the form of neural spikes. An image of animated spinning cube is decomposed into separate streams of red, green, and blue spikes on a virtual optic nerve. Keyboard commands are converted into effector spikes which cause small accelerations on the viewing position similar to virtual muscles excited by peripheral nerves. All spikes, input and output, are represented as an array of bits with a one representing a spike and a zero no spike.

For more information, please see the SIEVE section on the Neural Research webpage.

Keyboard Controls

Input Command
Mouse click Toggle pause
A Translate left
D Translate right
W Translate forward
S Translate reverse
Up arrow Translate up
Down arrow Translate down
Left arrow Yaw left
Right arrow Yaw right
Shift-Left arrow Roll left
Shift-Right arrow Roll right
Shift-Up arrow Pitch down
Shift-Down arrow Pitch up


The Java applet uses the Java Binding for OpenGL (JOGL) application programming interface (API). This permits the applet to take advantage of your graphics card for hardware acceleration. The current frame rate is displayed at the top center of the applet.

For a related tutorial, please see Quaternion Rotations in 3D Java OpenGL.

Open Source

The Java code demonstrated here is available for you to reuse under the terms of an Open Source license. You can download it from the CroftSoft Code Library.

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