The following is a sampling of the software products developed by CroftSoft President David Wallace Croft for previous employers and clients or personal research projects. While many of the links lead to an online demonstration of the products with downloadable executables and source code, some of the products are no longer accessible. Please contact us if you have any questions about the availability of the source code or if you wish to discuss arrangements for consulting or contract work.

2023 Mars (Rust) An animated interactive implementation of the A* algorithm
2023 Life (Rust) An animated interactive implementation of Conway's Game of Life
2022 Evolve (Rust) An animated interactive evolutionary algorithm simulation
2022 Dioxus Prototype A single page application written in Rust using the Dioxus front-end framework
2022 Sycamore Prototype A single page application written in Rust using the Sycamore front-end framework
2022 Retirement Calculator A retirement calculator written in Rust using the Yew front-end frramework
2021 Skipper™ Free A shuffle player written in Angular which learns your preferences over time
2019 Lorelock Educational flashcard application written using the Ionic Framework
2011 QuickStudy Quiz study application for Android
2011 IntFire Interactive Java Swing applet for Integrate-and-Fire neuron simulation
2010 SkipperFree Uses skip weighting to learn which pictures to present
2008 SIEVE Spike Interface Embodied Virtual Environment
2008 Life (Java) Animation of Conway's Game of Life
2008 Neuro Animation of Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model simulation
2007 Skipper Uses skip weighting to learn which pictures to present
2006 Slideshow Presents a slideshow of your pictures
2006 Client A.I. chatbot user interface client
2006 Savor Screensavers
2006 JIGL 3D JOGL applets in pure Java
2006 Infant Visual stimulation with pacifier input device
2005 Cyberspace Virtual reality web browser with fly-through hyperlinks
2005 COLLADA Converter Converts 3D scene files to the COLLADA format
2005 Newt Cyborg Prototype development of nerve interface software
2004 Dock Networked multiplayer 3D with text-to-speech chat demo
2003 Mars (Java) Tank combat on the planet Mars
2002 Fraction Action An educational arcade game
2002 CroftSoft Collection A desktop application containing a collection of CroftSoft programs
2002 Sprite Swing-based sprite animation library for Java 1.4
2001 Agoracast A consumer-to-peer decentralized e-commerce desktop application
2001 Whoola Loop User management and selection of streaming audio play lists
2000 Fuzzy Logic Catalog Fuzzy logic category browser and dynamic catalog aggregation
1999 E-Commerce Hub Taxonomy category browser and distributed catalog query
1999 Retirement Calculator How much do you need to save each year?
1999 Tag3D A prototype multi-user online virtual reality using Java 3D and RMI
1999 Mini A programming language parser and translator
1999 Bloodhound A mission configurable web spider
1999 Site Retriever Downloads an entire web site to a local directory
1998 Calendar Courtier Sends user-specified e-mail reminder messages periodically
1998 Hit Counter Displays the number of page hits as a dynamically generated image
1998 Virtual Anarchy of Free Traders A mobile agent framework
1998 Finger Displays the contact information for the owner of an e-mail address
1998 File Registrar Calculates unique digital signatures for your files
1998 Whois Displays detailed domain name registration information
1998 Registration Registers a new user account and then confirms by e-mail
1998 Compile All A Java source code build and documentation tool
1997 Cyberspace A self-organizing cyberspace using human-generated hop data
1997 Site Mapper Scans a website and displays its structure
1997 URL Monitor Alerts users by e-mail to changes in polled URLs
1997 Random GIF Servlet A random background with every click
1997 News Groupie Monitors USENET newsgroups for specified keyword combinations
1997 Chat Applet A multiuser avatar chat room with 2D graphics and animation
1996 Realms of GAIA Multiplayer fantasy role playing game engine and GUI in Java
1996 BackpropXOR A visible introduction to neural network training
1996 Evolve (Java) Create life on your computer screen
1995 Neural Network Silicon Compiler Creates VLSI layout for a user-configurable neural network chip
1995 EvalFile Automated incentive reward and pricing system for BBS file uploads
1993 Questionnaire Analysis System Analyzes the responses marked on an optically scanned answer sheet
1991 Wyrm BBS Modem-based Bulletin Board System
1990 ART-1 Neural network pattern recognition with serial I/O interface

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