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David Wallace Croft

2010 Apr 16 Fri


This application presents a slideshow of your pictures. It searches for the image files in your "My Documents\My Pictures" directory or your home directory. The images are displayed in random order. A new image is selected every 60 seconds. Pressing the spacebar skips to the next image immediately.

When you skip an image, Skipper uses "skip weighting" to reduce the probability of the skipped image being randomly selected for display in the future. This means that as you use it over time, Skipper will eventually learn which images you do and do not like and show you your favorites more often. Here is a flowchart showing how skip weighting works:


You may use this application under the terms of the Open Source GNU Affero General Public License v3. The source code is available from the


In addition to using the applet at the top of this webpage, you can install the program as a desktop application by clicking on this link: skipperfree.jnlp

If it does not install, check that you have Java installed first, version 6 or above.


The configuration and data files are created in a subdirectory under your user home directory called ".sloopsoft/skipperfree". These files can be modified using a plain text editor.

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