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Development PC Setup

David Wallace Croft

2007 Oct 30 Tue

The is my checklist for setting up a new Windows personal computer (PC) for Java software development using free and Open Source development tools.

Enable the Internet connection.

Launch the pre-installed anti-virus software and scan.

Install updates at Microsoft Windows Update.

Install Microsoft Windows Defender and scan.

Install the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Install Yahoo Toolbar Anti-Spy and scan.

Install the Java Software Development Kit (SDK) to directory "C:\jdk".

Install the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Follow the "Eclipse Setup" tutorial instructions.

Install the OpenOffice office productivity suite.

Install additional development tools listed at CroftSoft Links.

Update the graphics card driver.

Create an administrator account.

Create user accounts without administrator rights.

Enable the guest account.

Create a desktop folder named "shortcuts" and move all shortcut links on the desktop into it.

Set the desktop icons layout to auto-arrange.

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