Package com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle

Interfaces for the common Applet lifecycle methods.


Interface Summary
Commissionable Extends Initializable and Destroyable.
Destroyable Defines the destroy() method.
Initializable Defines the init() method.
Lifecycle An interface for the common Applet lifecycle methods.
Resumable Extends Startable and Stoppable.
Startable Defines the start() method.
Stoppable Defines the stop() method.
Updatable Defines the update() method.

Class Summary
AppletLifecycle Wraps the Lifecycle interface around an Applet.
CompositeLifecycle A Lifecycle using interface composition.
LifecycleEnforcer Strictly enforces the Lifecycle method calling order by frameworks.
LifecycleLib Convenience methods for Lifecycle objects.
UpdateRunner A Runnable that updates Updatables.

Exception Summary
InitializationException Indicates lifecycle object initialization failure.

Package com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle Description

Interfaces for the common Applet lifecycle methods.

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