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Packages that use State Package Java 3D API support classes. 
com.croftsoft.core.util.state State update broadcast using Remote Method Invocation (RMI). 

Uses of State in

Classes in that implement State
 class Transform3DState
          A State object that carries Transform3D data.

Uses of State in com.croftsoft.core.util.state

Methods in com.croftsoft.core.util.state with parameters of type State
static boolean StateLib.equals(State state, Object other)
          Returns true if the classes and State keys are equal.
static int StateLib.hashCode(State state)
          Returns the hash code of the State key.
 void StateListenerRemote.stateListen(State state)
 void StateListenerProxy.stateListen(State state)
 void StateListenerAmbassador.stateListen(State state)
 void StateListener.stateListen(State state)
 void RelayStateMulticaster.stateListen(State state)
 void StateMulticasterRemote.update(State state)
 void StateMulticasterProxy.update(State state)
 void StateMulticasterAmbassador.update(State state)
 void StateMulticaster.update(State state)
 void RelayStateMulticaster.update(State state)
 void QueuedStateMulticaster.update(State state)

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