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David Wallace Croft

2006 Dec 15 Fri


The above applet is a user interface client for an A.I. chatbot servlet. Type any sentence into the input area at the bottom of the applet and the chatbot will respond. The text will be spoken using a speech synthesizer.


The applet at the top of this webpage takes awhile to install due to the size of the speech synthesis voice file. Fortunately it will be cached so the next time you use this applet you will not have to download it again unless it has been updated.

In addition to using the applet at the top of this webpage, you can install the program as a desktop application by clicking on this link: client.jnlp

If it does not install, check that you have Java installed first.


The chatbot servlet is Program D, an Open Source Java A.L.I.C.E. interpreter.


The user interface client applet communicates with the servlet via HTTP. Using an applet provides the flexibility to integrate enhancements such as speech synthesis, 3D avatars, and server-side event generation.


The next step is to enable users to create chatbots representing themselves by uploading customized Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) files.

Another task is to update the client so that it can display HTML markup such as the break tag. This would also allow hyperlinks.

If I have time, I hope to enhance the speech synthesis output so that it integrate Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) into the responses of the chatbot to be able to modulate the voice.

Another possibility is to permit users to upload 3D avatar representations of themselves. This might be accomplished using J3DI and JIGL.

Open Source

CroftSoft Client uses Open Source libraries from the following organizations:

It is wonderful to be able to combine all of these Open Source components to create a new application. Fortunately I will be able to contribute this effort to the Open Source community as well. I would like to thank my client, Terasem Movement, for granting me the right within our software development contract to do so. You can find the source code for CroftSoft Client in the CroftSoft Code Library.


I have created a Program D Setup tutorial for software developers who wish to deploy Program D on JBoss.

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