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Packages that use Channel Neuronal network simulation interfaces. Neuronal network simulation implementations (demo). 

Uses of Channel in

Subinterfaces of Channel in
 interface ChannelMut
          Mutable Channel interface.
 interface ChannelSim
          Extension of interface ChannelMut that implements Sim.

Uses of Channel in

Classes in that implement Channel
 class ChannelMutImp
          ChannelMut implementation.
 class SnapChannel
          Mutable Channel implementation that snaps shut when updated.

Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type Channel
HhNeuronImp(Seq<Channel> channelSeq, DeltaClock deltaClock)
HhNeuronImp(Seq<Channel> channelSeq, DeltaClock deltaClock, double h, double leakConductivity, double leakReversalPotential, double m, double membraneArea, double membraneCapacitivity, double membraneVoltage, double n, double potassiumConductivity, double potassiumReversalPotential, double sodiumConductivity, double sodiumReversalPotential, double threshold)
TireNeuron(Seq<Channel> channelSeq, DeltaClock deltaClock)
TireNeuron(Seq<Channel> channelSeq, DeltaClock deltaClock, double depolarized, double hyperpolarized, double leakConductance, double leakReversalPotential, double membraneCapacitance, double membraneVoltage, boolean spiking, double threshold)

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