Uses of Interface

Packages that use Commissionable
com.croftsoft.core.animation Swing-based animation library. 
com.croftsoft.core.animation.component AnimatedComponent implementations for Swing-based animation. 
com.croftsoft.core.gui Graphical user interface (GUI) classes complementary to java.awt and javax.swing. 
com.croftsoft.core.gui.multi An applet that contains multiple applets (demo). 
com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle Interfaces for the common Applet lifecycle methods. HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) asynchronous messaging. Package javax.jms Java Message Service (JMS) API support. 
com.croftsoft.core.util Package java.util support and utility classes. 
com.croftsoft.core.util.loop Threaded loop library for animation and simulation. 
com.croftsoft.core.util.queue Queue data structure (created prior to java.util.Queue). 

Uses of Commissionable in com.croftsoft.core.animation

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.animation that implement Commissionable
 class AnimatedApplet
          Animated applet.
 class AnimatedComponent
          Animated Swing component.
 class TimeApplet
          Example AnimatedApplet implementation.

Uses of Commissionable in com.croftsoft.core.animation.component

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.animation.component that implement Commissionable
 class BufferedAnimatedComponent
          Deprecated. Does not seem to work in Java 5.
 class BufferStrategyAnimatedComponent
          AnimatedComponent subclass that uses a BufferStrategy.

Uses of Commissionable in com.croftsoft.core.gui

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.gui that implement Commissionable
 class FrameManager
          Lifecycle management for a Frame.

Uses of Commissionable in com.croftsoft.core.gui.multi

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.gui.multi that implement Commissionable
 class MultiApplet
          An applet that contains multiple applets.

Uses of Commissionable in com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle

Subinterfaces of Commissionable in com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle
 interface Lifecycle
          An interface for the common Applet lifecycle methods.

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.lang.lifecycle that implement Commissionable
 class AppletLifecycle
          Wraps the Lifecycle interface around an Applet.
 class CompositeLifecycle
          A Lifecycle using interface composition.
 class LifecycleEnforcer
          Strictly enforces the Lifecycle method calling order by frameworks.

Uses of Commissionable in

Classes in that implement Commissionable
 class HttpMessageClient
          An HttpMessagePoller/Pusher facade.
 class HttpMessagePoller
          Polls a server for messages and downloads them to a local queue.
 class HttpMessagePusher
          Pushes outgoing messages to the server using HTTP.

Uses of Commissionable in

Classes in that implement Commissionable
 class Courier
          Exchanges serializable Objects with a Topic via Queues.

Uses of Commissionable in com.croftsoft.core.util

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.util that implement Commissionable
 class Metronome
          Runs tasks periodically.

Uses of Commissionable in com.croftsoft.core.util.loop

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.util.loop that implement Commissionable
 class Looper
          Periodically runs a task in a loop using a separate thread.

Uses of Commissionable in com.croftsoft.core.util.queue

Classes in com.croftsoft.core.util.queue that implement Commissionable
 class QueuePuller
          Pulls objects out of the queue in a separate thread.

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